Indoor Furniture

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    Folding Table Wood Plan No. 6920

    New Folding Table that has three different heights. The table is 70 5/8″ long and has three different heights… 27 1/2″ high or 32 1/2″ high or 35 3/4″ high. Great as a picnic table, craft table or that extra dining room table. It’s ideal because it folds down to just a few inches for storage. Very easy to build. Save time and money and order our special Corrosion Resistant Hardware Kit that includes all the hardware needed.

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    The Library Chair Woodworking Plan No. 410

    Library Chair Woodworking Plans
    You Won’t Believe How Useful This Chair Is…
    Our fold-over Library Chair solves the problem of having two pieces of furniture when there’s only room for one. While in the chair position, you simply take the back of the chair and flip it forward and it will turn into a sturdy Step Stool. Another great idea for craft shows

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    The ONIT Plan No. 210

    Multi-Purpose Furniture, The ONIT…
    While walking through a cramped antique shop several years ago, I came across this multi-purpose piece of furniture. It is believed that the chair was designed by Thomas Jefferson. Some people call it the Thomas Jefferson’s Chair, while others call it the Bachelor’s Chairs. We call it the ONIT. You can use it as a Chair, (Sit ONIT), or flip it over and you have an Ironing Board, (Iron ONIT), or flip it again and you have a Step Ladder, (Step ONIT). Whatever you want to call it, it’s a clever piece of furniture that’s both functional and fashionable and will probably become a family heirloom that will be handed down from generation to generation.

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    Wine Rack Plans No. 259

    Wine Rack Woodworking Plans
    52 bottles of wine in all. That’s right, you can put 52 bottles of wine in this Wine Rack. This woodworking plan, like all of our woodworking plans for wood projects are actually LARGE woodworking blueprints that have Step-By-Step Instructions, Detailed Woodworking Illustrations and best of all, our woodworking plans have Full Size Templates. There is no need to redraw our plans, you simply trace the Full Size Templates onto your wood using Tracing Paper. Size: 13″ deep x 24 3/4″ wide x 69″ tall.